Your Investment

So, what's it worth to you to invest a year and change your life, for the better, FOREVER ?

What is all this worth to you? -

-  2 group coaching sessions, by conference call, per month with me *  

      * every month except April and October 

-  1  webinar, or an interview with a contributing expert, per month

-  4 live Training Sundays, 9.30 to 4.30, with networking and refreshments

-  2 full Training Weekends with networking, refreshments, dinner and a party

-  Meeting new people from diverse backgrounds


-  Making new friends, colleagues and contacts

-  Support and camaraderie with new friends and colleagues


-  Networking

-  New business opportunities


-  A new, rich and exciting lifestyle


This HAS to be worth £10,000 - at least!

YET, I'm offering you ALL of this for

JUST  £5,000  plus vat

Surely an absolute STEAL!

Contact me NOW to Book Your Place.


Oh yes, and there will be DISCOUNTS for the first people to join my Inner Circle -

20% for the first 12 people and 10% for the second 12 people

"Rod Morgan is one of the very best you will ever get to see ......

Book on now, because I know that you’re really going to enjoy it,

and get the very best out of it."

Rob Warren BA, LTA Master Performance Coach, NLP Trainer