"You can improve your value by 50 percent   just by learning communication skills --   public speaking"

 Warren Buffet, Billionaire


WHO is 'Public Speaking and Presenting' for?

  • All Sole traders

  • Everyone running their own small business 

  • Anyone working in a small business

WHY is this workshop so vital?


  • Effectively managing fear

  • Giving powerful, compelling sales presentations that really sell

  • Speaking in public with compelling authority and power

  • Growing your tribe / list of fans and followers

  • Satisfaction, confidence and self esteem

  • Growing your business (if that is one of your goals)

  • More money

WHAT will you learn?

  • Preparation (absolutely crucial!)
  • Managing fear and anxiety

  • How to stand for maximum impact

  • Instantly engaging your audience

  • Keeping your audience engaged throughout your presentation

  • Powerful eye contact (where appropriate)

  • People process information in different ways.  You will learn how to use language and your voice to effectively communicate your message to all of your audience

  • Weaving in the human touch (anecdotes, hypothetical situations and humour)

  • Many people use their hands way too much which distracts their audiences from the vital content of their delivery.  You will learn key hand gestures, and precisely when to use them, so that, instead of distracting your audience, you will add real power, weight and impact to your message

  • Where should you stand on stage (or in the space), and when, for maximum impact?         Should you sit down at times?  If so, precisely when and where?                                           I will show you.

  • Putting it all together

HOW will you benefit?

  • Compelling sales presentations which really sell

  • Speaking with confidence, authority and real power
  • More sales

  • Bigger value sales

  • Trust

  • Reputation

  • Great referrals

  • Increased self esteem
  • More money


  • Workshops are generally held on SUNDAYS from 9.30 to 5.30. 

  • All workshops are very participative with plenty of hands-on, creative and fun exercises, quality coaching and feedback, enabling you to practise, practise and practise honing your new skills and integrating them easily, effectively and quickly.

  • A comprehensive workbook is included to give you a highly valuable future resource.

  • Numbers - 12 to 48 to ensure maximum learning.

  • Complimentary tea and coffee is served from 9.

  • Refreshments throughout the day, including a finger buffet lunch, are also included to give plenty of time for networking during the breaks.

  • As well as great training days these workshops are also very enjoyable social events.

Your INVESTMENT - JUST £199.  Surely an absolute STEAL!


DISCOUNTS are available when you bring friends -

Bring 1 FRIEND and enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT on both tickets - just £179 each       

2 FRIENDS - enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT on all three tickets - just £159 each 

3 FRIENDS - enjoy a 30% DISCOUNT on all four tickets - JUST £139 each


AND, as I am now semi-retired, there is NO VAT 

If you have any questions do please call or email me -


T: +44 (0) 1323 74 11 21  M: +44 (0) 779 05 25 922  E:

NEXT Public Speaking and Presenting WORKSHOP 
Due to the coronavirus all live trainings are postponed until further notice.

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