The Inner Circle Programme - Overview

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Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Have you had enough of struggling?

Have you had enough of the daily grind?

Would you like to earn more MONEY?

Would you like more TIME to enjoy that money?

Would you like to enjoy better RELATIONSHIPS?

Would you like to design your own LIFESTYLE?

Would you like your life to absolutely ROCK!?

If you have answered YES to ANY of these then THIS is THE life-changing programme for YOU!

“I have found this to be the most beneficial course I have ever attended.

It has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Kay Jones-Skipper, Specialist Nursing Sister



My Inner Circle gives people a real COMMUNITY of exciting, motivated and like-minded individuals with whom they can train, transform their performance and effectiveness, explore new ideas, support one another, meet new people, network, build new relationships, make new friends and also have lots of fun and laughter.

Remember, we become like the people we hang out with!


The Inner Circle Programme lasts for one year on a rolling basis so members can join at any time.

During their year every member will enjoy -


       -  2 group coaching sessions, by conference call, per month with me *           

             * every month except April and October

         -  1  webinar, or an interview with a contributing expert, per month

       -  4 live Training Sundays, 9.30 to 4.30, with networking

       -  2 full Training weekends with networking, dinner and a party

       -  Meeting new people from diverse backgrounds

       -  Making new friends, colleagues and contacts

       -  Support and camaraderie with new friends and colleagues


       -  Networking

       -  New business opportunities

Please see the drop-down menu for full details of each element

"Some people are just born to teach and train.  

One of these rare individuals is Rod Morgan - a man at the top of his game."

Robert Smith MBA, International Trainer