Mind Programming is absolutely VITAL and is therefore included in all my workshops

(except Speaking & Presenting where we deal with managing personal state and fear).

Everything starts with, is dependent upon and reflects our thinking.

That is why it is so imperative to maintain a positive, uplifting and energising mindset as much of the time as possible.

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Achieving this is simple, although not easy.  It requires discipline, specific action and consistency.

Just like our bodies, our minds need a good diet to perform well.

They are computers - the most powerful in the world.  If we put rubbish in, we will

get rubbish out.  If we put excellent stuff in, we will get excellent stuff out.

So how, precisely, can we feed our minds to consistently produce excellent  performance and results?

First, eliminate from your life negative people, media, information and activities.

(A caveat here - we may well have to continue seeing and supporting difficult family members and people dependent on us.  Limiting this contact, and ‘framing’ it in a positive light, is key to managing it effectively and minimising its emotional drain

on us).

Now, and this is absolutely key, it is vital to understand that our unconscious minds

do not differentiate between fact and fiction and they believe everything we regularly tell them. 

It is our conscious minds that evaluate.

(This is why repeated negative thoughts are so very damaging).

Therefore you can programme your mind correctly by using this 5 step process - 

    1)  MAINTAIN A DREAM DAY JOURNAL  (Approximately 15 minutes a day)

     I learnt this from my beautiful daughter Sarah Morgan who is a global Law

     of Attraction Coach and it is REALLY powerful.

     Every day, preferably early, write a detailed account of how your perfect  

     day would be - your dream day.  What does it consist of? Who are you with?

     What does it look like?  What can you hear? How does it feel? What tastes and           smells are there?

  •  Write it in the present tense so that your unconscious mind believes you are       already living it.  

  •  Go BIG!  Remember, this is your DREAM DAY.  

  •  Include specific details.

  •  As you are writing it should feel expansive and exciting.


     Doing this consistently will make you feel GREAT (because unconsciously

     you will believe it) and also inspire your unconscious mind, which is 

     always serving your best interests, to gain greater clarity and produce 

     profound insights and new, exciting, productive ideas.

     2)  QUIETEN YOUR MIND  (Meditating for 20 minutes a day)

     Give your mind the space and freedom to internalise your dream day, to  

     embrace feeling great, gain greater clarity and be receptive to profound 

     insights and new, exciting, productive ideas.

     There are different ways to meditate but I find the “Mindfulness of Breathing”             meditation simple and most effective.

     I cover this in detail during training and coaching but here is an introduction

     if you are new to the practice -

     Meditate somewhere quiet, peaceful and where you will not be disturbed

     Sit so that you are comfortable (this is different for everyone)

     Close your eyes and deeply relax

     You will now focus on your breathing for 4 periods of 5 minutes

     You can download chimes to facilitate timekeeping here -


     Count your breaths up to 10. Then start again at 1. If your mind wanders and

     you lose count, which is perfectly normal, simply start again at 1  

     For the first 5 minutes count AFTER each breath  

     Second 5 minutes count JUST BEFORE each breath  

     Third 5 minutes stop counting and be aware of how your body FEELS as 

     you inhale and exhale (this could be your abdomen, chest, back muscles etc) 

     Fourth five minutes count again focussing tightly on how your breath feels

     on your upper lip  

     After the final chime, when you feel ready, gently open your eyes, stretch

     and come back into the room.  

     You may feel that you haven’t got 20 minutes a day to invest in this but   

     I promise you that you will become so much more effective and productive by 

     clearing your mind and enabling it to work free of draining and debilitating clutter.

     3)  REINFORCEMENT  (Affirmations)

     As I highlighted above our unconscious minds do not differentiate between   

     fact and fiction and they believe everything we regularly tell them.

     We can therefore reinforce and turbocharge our positive mindset by

     regularly repeating positive statements; or affirmations.

     Your affirmations will be much more effective when you -

  •  Adopt a positive posture

  •  With conviction look into your eyes in a mirror (obviously not whedriving!)     

  •  Say each affirmation 10 times repeating this 3 to 5 times a day

  •  Say them in the present tense

  •  Use EXCITING, INSPIRING language.


     Write down new ideas as they come to you, prioritise and action them. 

     Regularly celebrate your actions. 

     These celebrations develop deep, unconscious, positive beliefs.



     Keep a record of your successes, write them down, and again regularly  

     celebrate them.

     These include you feeling better, happier and more positive, having greater 

     clarity and insights, getting new, exciting and productive ideas and, of course,           your concrete results. 

     This record further drives positive beliefs deep into your unconscious mind.


Write your Dream Day Journal and meditate at least 4 times

a week at the beginning of your day.

Say your affirmations 10 times repeating this 3 to 5 times a day.

Your investment in time and effort correctly programming

your mind will be repaid manyfold.