“During the last two week exercise in Germany Sergeant Morgan led his section with great skill, awareness and determination in extremely difficult circumstances. 

I am therefore recommending him for a Commission.”

Lt. Colonel Ower, Commanding Officer,

221 Field Ambulance, Army Reserve

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What defines a leader?


Are there differences between the roles of a Manager and a Leader?


Are leaders born or made?


My Leadership Training is based on extensive personal experience - please see my testimonials - together with the study and observation of both successful, and unsuccessful, leaders.


So, what are the key qualities of a successful leader?



    People will naturally follow and assist people that they like.



     People will willingly follow and assist someone who is honest, with a strong and consistent moral       compass and whom they can trust.



     The ability to see the big picture, think outside the box, be creative and innovative, and

     anticipate, plan and cater for future trends and customers’ future needs and wants.


4)  Well developed SOFT SKILLS viz -

     a)  Accurate Self Awareness

     b)  Self discipline and self control     

     c)  The ability to inspire and motivate (often through example)

     d)  Empathy and understanding of different people’s needs and wants

     e)  Approachability

     f )  Social skills




6)  COACHING SKILLS and developing a coaching culture.




8)  The COURAGE to take action


9)  MAINTAINING the ENTHUSIASM, COMMITMENT and DRIVE of colleagues and teams when the

     going gets tough.



In my experience many managers have been promoted to their positions because they have specific product / service knowledge.

This, though, does not necessarily equip them to become good managers. Particularly if they do not possess the essential people skills to promote working together cohesively.

Their main roles tend to be day-to-day organisation, supervision, problem solving, achieving goals, enforcing company policies and providing a conduit between senior management and the workforce.


A leader on the other hand possesses the 9 qualities and skills outlined above.


Clearly, managers will become much more effective if they embrace and develop leadership skills.


This raises the question as to whether leaders are born or made.

In my view some people are just born leaders.  Leadership for them is simply a natural extension of who they are.

However, over the years I have seen hundreds of people learn the skills and techniques of leadership and use them to spectacular effect.


My Leadership training, founded on developing and applying the 9 qualities and skills outlined above, is specifically designed to -


  • Equip born leaders to become even better.

  • Develop leadership skills, techniques and qualities in those seeking to significantly improve both their performance and the performance of their colleagues and teams.

     All my trainings are very hands on and participative with plenty of opportunities to practise,

     practise and practise your new skills through various exercises and scenarios in a safe,

     supportive, very enjoyable and fun environment.

     "Rod's way of combining practical exercises ... made the whole course fun, professional

     and gave all of us practice and experience."

     Nermin Sadek BSc, Interpreter

Do please call me so that we can explore how Leadership Training can help you and your business