“Under Rod’s leadership his team secured a 100% score on our Mystery Member report. To my knowledge this is the only time

that this has ever been achieved".

Richard Dale, Sports Manager,

David Lloyd Leisure, Eastbourne

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My performances referred to above by Richard Dale, and in my other testimonials, are simply the results of consistently putting into practice what I know works.


Here is an outline of my approach -

MIND PROGRAMMING - Please see first subject in this drop-down menu.


PASSION - Find and do something that you are passionate about.  If this is not currently possible find something that you are passionate  about, or enjoy, in your existing work.


Be genuine and honest - you cannot do great work, or lead a great life, if you are tolerating inner conflict.


You’ve got to know, precisely, where you want to go and what you want to achieve.  Write it down.


Clarifying, specifically, your “reasons why” is key - they’ll keep you moving forward when the going gets tough.  

Write them down and read them regularly to keep you focussed and motivated.


Overcome limiting beliefs.  Identify them, clarify their origins, challenge them and then reframe them.  I’ll show you how.

We become like the people we associate with so mix with the right people.  This is where my Inner Circle Programme is so very powerful.


You need energy and stamina to perform! Take good care of yourself, (but still enjoy some treats!)


Absolutely VITAL!


You have to make it happen!


the results you are producing.



If you are not producing exactly the results you want then adapt, adjust and try different approaches and methods.



Possibly the most vital.  Keep going!  Keep taking the next step, however small. It takes strength, courage and continuous effort to succeed.



To achieve our very best we all need a network of people to support us, to explore ideas with and to give us feedback.  Build the right support network.

Again, this is where my Inner Circle Programme is so very helpful.


So, there you have it.  It’s not rocket science but, when applied, it REALLY works - as I, and my clients,  have proved time and time again.


By drilling down into each of these elements and getting them working smoothly together we can significantly raise your performance and the performance of your organisation.

     All my trainings are very hands on and participative with plenty of opportunities to practise,

     practise and practise your new skills through various exercises and scenarios in a safe,

     supportive, very enjoyable and fun environment.

     "Rod's way of combining practical exercises ... made the whole course fun, professional

     and gave all of us practice and experience."

     Nermin Sadek BSc, Interpreter

Do please call me to discuss things further.