“Within a very short space of time Rod got   straight to the heart of the problem.

 I walked away with a framework knowing   exactly what steps to take next"

 Joanne Element, Business Owner

Joanne Element

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WHO is 'Harnessing Your Mind' and 'Living Your Dream' for?

  • All Sole traders

  • Everyone running their own small business 

  • People who want their business to work for them                                                                    - and not the other way round!

WHY is harnessing your mind so vital?


  • Taking control of your mind

  • Managing negative self-talk

  • Igniting personal performance

WHY is living your dream so vital? 

  • Developing your business to work for you - and not the other way round.

  • Creating more MONEY

  • Creating more TIME to enjoy that money

  • Greater fulfilment

  • More enjoyment and fun


WHAT will you learn?

  • To harness the full power of your mind

  • To use your mind creatively to produce the things you want

  • To design your business to provide your ideal lifestyle

  • To enjoy that lifestyle

HOW will you benefit?

  • More personal power

  • More money

  • More time

  • Less work

  • Greater fulfilment

  • More enjoyment and fun


  • Workshops are generally held on SUNDAYS from 9.30 to 5.30. 

  • All workshops are very participative with plenty of hands-on, creative and fun exercises, quality coaching and feedback, enabling you to practise, practise and practise honing your new skills and integrating them easily, effectively and quickly.

  • A comprehensive workbook is included to give you a highly valuable future resource.

  • Numbers - 12 to 48 to ensure maximum learning.

  • Complimentary tea and coffee is served from 9.

  • Refreshments throughout the day, including a finger buffet lunch, are also included to give plenty of time for networking during the breaks.

  • As well as great training days these workshops are also very enjoyable social events.

Your INVESTMENT - JUST £199.  Surely an absolute STEAL!


DISCOUNTS are available when you bring friends -

Bring 1 FRIEND and enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT on both tickets - just £179 each       

2 FRIENDS - enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT on all three tickets - just £159 each 

3 FRIENDS - enjoy a 30% DISCOUNT on all four tickets - JUST £139 each


AND, as I am now semi-retired, there is NO VAT 

NEXT Harnessing Your Mind / Living Your Dream WORKSHOP 

Due to the coronavirus all live trainings are postponed until further notice.

9 for 9.30 until 5.30  Sunday TBA

(Quality venue TBC)