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As you will know if you've seen my Testimonials pages, I have a wealth of real life work experience, in the real world, working both in organisations and running my own businesses.

This experience, coupled with years of in-depth study, delivering training programmes internationally and coaching teams and individuals, has given me a profound knowledge and understanding of what it really takes to raise performance - and results - in life and in business.

I also have extensive experience of public speaking in a wide range of settings including giving crucial evidence in courts, delivering comprehensive training programmes and as a guest speaker. 

I am an NLP Master Practitioner and International Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Inner Game Specialist and Certified Life and Business Coach.


All my trainings are very participative and hands-on with attendees engaging in a wide range of creative, practical and fun exercises. These exercises, combined with laser feedback and top quality coaching, ensure that people learn and incorporate their new skills and techniques easily, efficiently and quickly.


What I teach, and HOW I teach, REALLY WORKS - I know, I use it myself and I have seen the outstanding results in others.


Please see my 3 Testimonials pages if you haven't already done so.

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